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How we can help

You don't need to have ever come to our church or any church to ask for help from us. Jesus helped many people in need some who were even his enemies, and we want to model that love in our community.

If you are just wanting to talk to someone, feel free to send us a message or call and one of the leadership team will be more than happy to call round for a chat. We are a very diverse group of people at Christ Church so don't worry about what might be on your mind and troubling you, we are always happy to listen and try to help.

If you are having specific problems we run a range of activities which may help you:

  • Mid-Cheshire Food Bank - helping people in financial need. more..
  • CAP Debt Centre - helping people get out of debt. more..
  • CAP Money - helping people budget and manage finances. more..
  • Coffee and Cake (Wed 9:30-11:30am, termtime in the Hall
  • Stepping Stones (6.30-8:30pm First Friday of the month, in the Hall

If you are looking for some help or support now try some of these links:

  • An inspirational video for hard times
  • Stop and Think; what is life about
  • How life changed for rapper and gang member Lecrae
  • How life changed for Joni when she became a quadriplegic
  • Care for the family; help and support for relationship and family issues.
  • CAP helping people living an fear and depression with debt.
  • Have big questions about God and the meaning of life?

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