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Here you can listen to and download sermons which have been given at Christ Church.

You can download the sermons using the download link (if your browser tries to play the sermon, right click and select download) or you can listen online by clicking on the play icon on the far right.

16/09/2018Acts 2Robin BarfieldActs 2Download
09/09/2018Acts 1Matt GuestActs 1Download
02/09/2018Psalm 150Robin Barfield (part 1) Tim Hanson (Part 2)Psalm 150Download
26/08/2018Psalm 100Matt GuestPsalm 100Download
12/08/2018Psalm 51Tim HansonPsalm 51Download
05/08/2018Psalm1Matt GuestPsalm1Download
29/07/2018Introduction to the PsalmsMatt GuestPsalm 13Download
22/07/2018Why do we sing together?Tim HansonPsalm 98Download
15/07/2018Why do we listenTim HansonMentioned in talk, but starts with Ephsians 4:11-16 Download
08/07/2018Why do we eat Bread and Wine?Tim HansonMentioned during talksDownload
01/07/2018Acts 12: 1-9Matt GuestActs 12: 1-9Download
24/06/2018Hebrews 13: 9-25Tim HansonHebrews 13: 9-25Download
10/06/2018Hebrews 13:1-6Matt GuestHebrews 13:1-7Download
03/06/2018Hebrews 12:18-29Tim HansonHebrews 12:18-29Download
27/05/2018Hebrews 12:14-17Matt GuestHebrews 12:14-17Download
20/05/2018Hebrews 12:4-13Tim HansonHebrews 12:4-13Download
06/05/2018Hebrews 11Tim HansonHebrews 11Download
29/04/2018Hebrews 10 v19-39 (tea time service)Matt GuestHebrews 10 v19-39Download
22/04/2018Hebrews 10 v1-18 (morning service)Tim HansonHebrews 10 v1-18Download
08/04/2018Hebrews 9Tim HansonHebrews 9Download
25/03/2018Hebrews 7 (Tea Time Church)Tim HansonHebrews 7Download
04/03/2018morning serviceTim HansonHebrews 4:14 - 5:10Download
25/02/2018morning serviceTim HansonHebrews 3:7 - 4:13Download
11/02/2018Morning ServiceMatt GuestHebrews 2:5-18Download
04/02/2018Tea Time ChurchMatt GuestHebrews 2:1-4Download
28/01/2018Tea Time ChurchTim HansonHebrews 1:5-14Download
28/01/2018Morning ServiceMatt GuestHebrews 1:5-14Download
14/01/2018Who can become a Christian? (Morning Service)Tim HansonJohn 4:1-26Download
14/01/2018Who can become a Christian? (Tea Time Church)Tim HansonJohn 4:1-26Download
07/01/2018How does a person become a Christian? (Morning Service)Matt GuestJohn 3:1-15Download
07/01/2018How does a person become a Christian? (Tea Time Church)Matt GuestJohn 3:1-15Download
01/10/2017Martin LutherTim HansonRomans 1Download
24/09/2017Nehemiah 2Tim HansonNehemiah 2Download
10/09/2017Nehemiah 1Tim HansonNehemiah 1Download
30/07/2017Do all religions lead to God?Tim HansonJohn 14v6Download
09/07/20171Cor6 12-20Matt Guest1Cor6 12-20Download
02/07/20171Cor6 1-11Matt Guest1Cor6 1-11Download
25/06/20171Cor5Tim Hanson1Cor5Download
11/06/20171Cor3Tim Hanson1Cor3Download
04/06/20171Cor2v6-16Matt Guest1Cor2 6-16Download
07/05/20171 Cor 1v1-9Tim Hanson1 Cor 1v1-9Download
30/04/2017 eveSufferingTim HansonJohn 11Download
30/04/2017SufferingTim HansonJohn 11Download
29/04/2017Hows Your Heart pt1Mel LacyProverbs 4v23Download
29/04/2017Hows Your Heart pt2Mel LacyMatth 6v21Download
23/04/2017Intro to 1 CorMatt GuestActs 18Download
26/03/2017AnxietyTim HansonPsalms 42&43Download
12/03/171 Sam 18-20Robin Barfield1 Sam 18-20Download
05/03/171 Sam 17Mark Pickles1 Sam 17Download
26/02/171 Sam 16Matt Guest1 Sam 16Download
29/01/20171 Sam ch4Tim Hanson1 Sam ch4Download
22/01/20171 Sam ch2Matt Guest1 Sam ch2Download
11/12/2016Isaiah 9Matt GuestIsaiah 9Download
04/12/20162 Sam 7Tim Hanson2 Sam 7Download
13/11/20162 Tim Ch2 13-Tim Hanson2 Tim Ch2 13-Download
30/10/20162 Tim ch2 1-13Robin Barfield2 Tim Ch2 1-13Download
23/10/20162 Tim introMatt Guest2 Tim Ch1Download
16/10/2016Can we trust the bible?Robin BarfieldVariousDownload
9/10/2016InclusivityMatt GuestLuke Ch19 2-10Download
02/10/2016Psalm 19 1-6Tim HansonPsalm 19Download
28/09/2016Genesis 1Matt GuestGenesis 1Download
18/09/20161 Peter 2Tim Hanson1 Peter 2Download
28/08/2016Luke 18v31-34Matt GuestLuke 18 v31-34Download
10/07/2016Job 38-40Tim HansonJob 38-40Download
03/07/2016Job 32-37Matt GuestJob 32-37Download
12/06/2016Job 19Tim HansonJob 19Download
05/06/2016Job 4-27Matt GuestJob 4-27Download
29/05/2016Job 3Tim HansonJob 3Download
22/05/2016Job 1&2Matt GuestJob 1&2Download
03/04/2016Believing ThomasTim HansonJohn 20Download
13/06/20161 Thessalonians 5 1-11Tim Hanson1 Thessalonians 5 1-11Download
06/03/20161 Thessalonians 4 13-18Tim Hanson1 Thessalonians 4 13-18Download
28/02/20161 Thessalonians 4 1-12Matt Guest1 Thess 4 1-12Download
14/02/20161 Thessalonians 3Tim Hanson1 Thess 3Download
07/02/20161 Thessalonians 2&3Matt Guest1 Thess 2&3Download
31/01/20161 Thessalonians 2 1-16Tim Hanson1 Thessalonians 2 1-16Download
24/01/20161 Thess 3-10Tim Hanson1 Thessalonians 3-10Download
10/01/2016Intro to 1 ThessaloniansTim HansonActs 17Download
20/12/2015Carols By CandlelightTim HansonCBCLDownload
20/12/2015Nativity ServiceMatt GuestNativityDownload
13/12/2915God Became FleshTim HansonJohn Ch1Download
06/12/2015The WordMatt GuestJohn Ch1Download
29/11/2015Daniel 12Robin BarfieldDaniel Ch12Download
08/11/2015Daniel 9Matt GuestDaniel Ch9Download
01/11/2015Daniel 8Tim HansonDaniel Ch8Download
25/10/2015Son of ManMatt GuestDaniel Ch7Download
11/10/2015Standing FirmTim HansonDaniel Ch6Download
04/10/2015The writing on the wallMatt GuestDaniel Ch5Download
20/09/2015The False gods in our worldTim HansonDaniel Ch3Download
13/09/2015God is KingTim HansonDaniel Ch2Download
06/09/2015Respectful ResistanceTim HansonDaniel Ch1Download
1 Sam Download

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