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What is a Christian?

There is a lot of confusion sometimes about what it means to be a Christian. Is a Christian someone who is good, who goes to church who has been christened or baptised? Is it someone who was born in a Christian country or who believes in a god?

Let me answer this by asking what is a lottery winner? Are they someone who drives an expensive car, or someone who lives in a big house, or has lots of expensive holidays? Well they may do those things, but that doesn't make them a lottery winner. Is it someone who has a lot of money then? Well that certainly true, but even so it's not what makes them a winner. What make the a lottery winner is that the National Lottery gave them a whole load of money. It's because of this money that they have fast cars, big houses, large bank accounts and take expensive holidays.

It is a similar thing with being a Christian. It's not based on what we do or have, its based on something we have been given.

When we thing about ourselves we know that we have done things that are wrong, that offend a perfect God. Other people around us may think we are nice and kind, and this is true for many, but there are times when we are not. In addition we all want to live our lives our own way without a thought for God who made us. This means that we are ignoring the person who can help us most in life a bit like a child disowning their mum and dad who have provided everything for them since they were born and pretending they don't even exist.

God knows that this self centredness is bad for us and want us to have a relationship with him again. Jesus came and died and rose again so that this can happen. The offer of forgiveness and a relationship with God is there for you to accept. Just like the lottery though, if you don't come and accept the winnings, or in Gods case his forgiveness, then you will never get. If we keep rejecting God we will end up separated from him forever.

If you want to find out more about what the bible says a Christian is come along to Christianity explored.

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